Cash prizes worth 2,00,000 INR to be won


Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Madras is working with PerSapien Innovations to promote ideas for the 21st Century that put People and Planet first. PerSapien is a company pioneering innovations to solve health issues arising from air pollution. PerSapien and E – Cell IIT Madras believe in democratizing innovation to spread the benefits of multi – disciplinary and user – centric solutions to the underserved.


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  • Learn to develop products from scratch in a dynamic environment and with a social purpose.
  • Implement practices in testing your solutions before coming up with the best version.
  • Get mentored by experts from leading social – startups in sustainable energy solutions & environment and health.
  • Stand a chance to have your ideas funded/incubated by leading social enterprises in the field.
  • Winning teams receive prize money and also a chance to be incubated by or develop the product further with leading social startups.


November 3, 2019 - December 5, 2019

Phase 1 – Registration and Shortlisting

  • Register in teams with a maximum of 5 people.
  • Choose any one challenge out of 3; understand the scope of the problem that needs to be solved and the technology that can be leveraged for the same.
  • Fill out a form with basic details and submit your approach to solving the challenge in a Submission of Intention Document.

December 5, 2019 - January 7, 2020

Phase 2 – Prototype and Fail Fast

  • Selected teams fine – tune their ideas and attend webinars and mentoring sessions online to learn the practical aspects of prototyping ideas and designing them in an efficient manner.s
  • Prototype the most significant assumptions you have regarding your solution.
  • Validate your prototypes to uncover implementation challenges and improve your product delivery based on conditions faced by the communities.
  • Reach a stable solution that has enough traction among user - base.

January 17, 2020 - January 19, 2020

Phase 3 – Time to take your MVP to the next level

  • How you communicate your solutions is very important in being able to collaboratively develop a product.
  • Attend E – Summit 2020, an ecosystem of ideas, entrepreneurs and investors who value entrepreneurial potential. Network with other participants, industry experts and attend flagship events.
  • Attend hands – on workshops on Communicating your story – Pitching; Convey your ideas in Business Terms such as Value Propositions, Key Activities, Customer Relationships, etc.
  • Finally, Present your ideas before a panel of judges drawn from the Knowledge Partners and also industry and investors. Stand a chance to win Product Development Grants and further collaborate with the Knowledge Partner.


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