Entrepreneurship Marketing Conclave


Having a killer product, building the killer team  and a killing marketing mindset makes a start-up to embark on a journey full of successes. We at Ecell IIT Madras believe that start-up culture is not just a great career opportunity but also a pathway towards India’s socio-economic development. This year for the first time we have come up with a vision to help the start-ups in improving their skills by means of a conclave. 
Every summit, we are going to pick a different topic for our conclave under the ‘E Camp’. A topic which will help start-ups ascend through the challenges of business world, and make them  standout in the competition.


Ever wondered how great would it be if you could provide everyone of your consumers with exactly what they want? And that too
with just some lines of codes? Yeah, this is it, ‘ Personalised consumer experience ’. Consumer data can easily beleveraged with the help of AI and concepts like machine learning, which
anticipate your consumer’s next move and improve their consumer journey.
Companies that are making extensive use of AI are reaping the benefits of increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. They know
how AI-streamlined operations can lead to a greater success. Now it’s your chance to start a new venture with the latest new-age marketing skills.


Traditional marketing services like billboards, television ads, mailouts etc are loosing ground to digital marketing due to its effectiveness at engaging client and also it’s accessibility. The modern dependency on the internet ensures the far reach of any advertisement. This realm of marketing includes search engine optimization, social media, email marketing and content marketing. 
With each of those being directed at a specific section of the online community, thoughtful optimization of them can boost the influence of your brand very effectively.

The key factor for successful startups is tapping into the right market. Market research includes all the factors required for targeting the right consumers. This involves the right demographic, market size,competitors and value proposition. Optimisation of all these factors ensures an edge over the market by ensuring that the product / service provided by the startup reaches their customer and allows for growth of the start-up.


The customers journey with the service or product offered dictates all future interactions and is pivotal for expansion of business. With the experience of old customers being heavily influential for newer ones’ perception of the brand, customer experience plays a key role in success. This includes feedback, reviews, also word of mouth spread by positive experiences with the company.


Any individual interested in Marketing for startups can attend the event. It’s open to
Startups, Marketing enthusiasts, Content Makers and Entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

The marketing conclave would provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and
experience marketing strategies which as mentioned before would prove crucial in how a company sustains its growth though out years. There are experts coming from all over India to share their experiences, the audience is top tier and most of all, the conclave would provide an atmosphere like no other to enhance your knowledge in this area.

New business would get the benefit of learning got to best market their product and old ones would be able to gain more insight in procuring new customers and retaining their existing market base. All of this is aimed to help the company optimise its working and grow in a faster and efficient way.

You can register directly from the link provided in the E camp section of the website.

No, the registration fees are not refundable

No, the whole package offers a variety of events and can only be bought altogether.

Exact timings will be uploaded one week prior to the summit.

Campus accommodation is not available, but off campus accommodation options will be
sent to you from our side.