Envisioned towards providing aspiring entrepreneurs with intensive mentoring and workshops from industry experts, Innovator’s Summit promises to be the one to nurture entrepreneurial mindsets and provide an opportunity to challenge oneself and to test one's capability in this marathon of innovation through plethora of competitive B-Planning and comprehensive case-study events. It comprises of workshops, case study competitions, lectures and platform to showcase innovation. Mission of the Summit is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas and collaborations to solve world challenges, uncover new possibilities and develop revolutionary ideas and solutions, catalyzing innovation.


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The event aims in bringing aspiring entrepreneurs at prototyping stage from around the nation and providing intensive mentoring and workshops from industry experts to help them advance their journey in establishing their own startup
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A case-study competition, started in the year 2017, aimed towards challenging innovative minds to solve real life social economic problems, involving extensive brainstorming and formulation of entrepreneurial solutions.


Planning competition providing intensive mentoring and workshops from industry experts to aid them advance their journey towards working on their successful prototyping and extensive market research work, which will help them ascend
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An Educational Drive started by us in the year 2018 as the social campaign, with a huge success in terms of offline outreaching to about 20,000+ school students, and customized mentoring and support provision to about 100+ school students with their ideas

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