Startup Showcase is a pan-India level event for startups, a platform for innovative startups from all over the country to get in touch with hundreds of potential customers and investors. An opportunity for startups to showcase their product. service and interact with investors, mentors and the general public during the summit. Startup Showcase creates a win-win situation for all the baskets of stakeholders, the startups, guests visiting the Summit. Startups get huge publicity, networking opportunities while visitors get to know about all the trending and fast-growing innovations and technologies in the ecosystem. They get to know the founders, interact with them, and venture capitalists and investors generating chances of mutual benefits.


  • Classy stall at a place with highest footfall.
  • Pass for Growth Conference Events and Networking Lunch with investors and mentors.
  • Opportunity to take part in Summer Internfair.
  • Logo Integration in Startup Showcase page of E-Summit Website.
  • Google Cloud Start Package which includes $3000 cloud credits.


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How much time will the stall be provided for showcase?
How many per startup will be allowed to attend the growth Conference events?
What is the schedule for us during the summit?
Basic amenities that will be provided at the stall?

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